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Team PHOENIX is the worlds only all Amputee Formation Aerobatic Display Team.
Both pilots are above and below knee amputees.
They fly Russian high performance military aircraft.
This is the first time in the world that this has been achieved. 

The display features graceful aerobatics … the aircraft looping and rolling in close formation whilst only 2 metres apart.
The show lasts for 10 minutes and includes heart stopping head on passes and a heart drawn in the sky. 

It is a spectacular display showcasing the roar of the 400 horsepower radial engines and is enhanced by using smoke to draw beautiful patterns in the sky.
The balletic spectacle is put to music and includes narration from the teams commentator. 

The aim is to showcase the abilities of disabled people, to act as an inspiration to the public and to carry a message of inclusivity and diversity.
Our pilots will interact with the public and businesses to promote their unique message. 

The team can be booked for all public events and airshows.

In addition, we can offer a private air display for your special event, a corporate launch, a special birthday, a once in a lifetime spectacular marriage proposal, or the ultimate gesture on your wedding day.

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